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B.O.N Synthpop Electropop Dance Music Synthesizer.HEIC

Synthpop Artist

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Featured Work
B.O.N is a single woman band and synthpop fanatic. As the former head of the duo “Babes of Neon” the artist’s music can be seen as a journey of evolution from 80’s sounding pop banger songwriting and production into the modern pop genre. The singer and producer has a flair for intertwined stories which she renders into a musical landscape constituted by evocative synthesizers and neat beats.

"There is a vibe of Pnau mixed in with ‘DISCO’ era Kylie to give it a sunset terrace vibe. B.O.N also manages to include snippets of sounds and instrumentals that feel like samples of other tracks of the genre, without losing her overall grip of the track and rendering it ‘unoriginal’ or cliched which can prove a difficult trick to pull off" - Right Chord Music (RCM)

"A polished, impressive and unique sound that you’ll never get enough of" - Boredcityblog

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